It is the core mission of The Aesthetic Medicine Congress (TAMC) to provide a forum – the largest of its kind in this region – to educate and share innovative techniques and knowledge.

TAMC aims to advance the effective, safe and ethical practice of aesthetic medicine to the benefit of all concerned through leadership, provision of information, education, support, professional development and the maintenance of the highest professional standards.

The TAMC Academy Awards are presented to practitioners and aesthetic professionals who have worked hard to represent the highest standards in clinical excellence, product innovation and practice achievement, while truly excelling in the field of aesthetic medicine and contributing in significant and lasting ways to the effective treatment of conditions in relation to the practice of aesthetic medicine..

The Scientific Board decided to introduce the TAMC Academy in 2019 and induct those individuals who have contributed to our efforts in providing educational excellence as well as contributing to the growth and further development of TAMC as a whole.

2019 TAMC ACADEMY AWARDS recipients

TAPAN PATEL, aesthetic physician

United Kingdom

Dr Tapan Patel, the Scientific Committee President of TAMC, is the founder and medical director of PHI Clinic, and is recognised amongst his peers, industry experts and by his patients as one of the most talented and skilful injectors in the UK. He has more than 15 years’ clinical experience and has been performing aesthetic treatments for more than ten years.

HERVÉ RASPALDO, facial plastic surgeon


Dr Hervé Raspaldo, born in Monaco, is a Facial Plastic surgeon. His FACE clinic in Switzerland is host to patients from across the globe. His reputation attracts complex cases, including no-scar rhinoplasty, advanced endoscopic facelifts, minimal invasive eyelid surgery, Ear Fold® otoplasty, facial restoration and enhanced cutting-edge global 3D rejuvenation techniques with injectables.

DIMITRIOS SYKIANAKIS, aesthetic physician


Dr Sykianakis specialises in gerontology/anti-aging & aesthetic medicine. He has 20 years of experience as medical trainer on Botulinum toxin type A and filler injections, with more than 20.000 facial injections performed throughout his career. He is a recognised international opinion leader, speaker and lecturer.

KOENRAAD DE BOULLE, dermatologist


Dr Koenraad De Boulle is a dermatologist and director of a private dermatology clinic, Aalst Dermatology Clinic in Aalst, Belgium. This subspecialty association of six dermatologists serves as a referral centre for complex dermatology, derma surgical and cosmetic indications. He also developed a special interest in diagnosing and treating complications of non-surgical procedures and receives referrals from across the globe on this subject.