Ognjen Bagatin

Director of the Bagatin Polyclinic

Ognjen Bagatin is the director of the Bagatin Polyclinic, a private polyclinic for aesthetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology and cosmetology. He completed an MBA program at Cotrugli Business School. He began his career as a board assistant in the Pastor Group where he went through all phases of managing diverse teams. He moved to the family polyclinic in 2008, which then had 2 employees, and began its growth and development. Currently, the Bagatin Polyclinic employs 115 people and, according to Deloitte, is one of the fastest growing small and medium-sized health care institutions. As the director of the polyclinic, he encouraged the development of corporate entrepreneurship and project management in the medical segment. With his extensive knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the private health care system, he encourages the development of a positive corporate culture and the development of the polyclinic itself. For many years, in addition to his professional education, he led sports teams and clubs as a coach, and he always strives to bring team spirit, togetherness and correct values into the corporate culture. Also, Ognjen is a consultant for about 20 clinics in Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria…) and in Croatia in the field of cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dentistry. He is a very active member of the Executive Boards and Councils related to the development of medical tourism in Croatia, where there is great potential (Council for Medical Tourism at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Executive Board for Health in HUP…).