Nikola Milojević

Aesthetic physician, Organising and Scientific Committee President

Dr Nikola Milojević is an aesthetic physician and the owner of two successful anti-aging clinics – the Milo Clinic in London and the Milojević Polyclinic in Zagreb. He graduated from the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine in London in 1995. Although he initially opted for specialization in general surgery to continue in the footsteps of his father, Boško Milojević – an aesthetic surgery pioneer in Croatia, after two and a half years, Dr Nick Milojevic converted to the specialisation of general practice. After specialising in aesthetic medicine, he worked for the Harley Medical Group in London for five years as the leading physician of the largest chain of aesthetic clinics in the UK.

By treating up to 40 patients a day and having done over 30,000 Botox and filler treatments, he gained tremendous experience and in 2005 he opened his famous Milo Clinic dedicated to non-surgical medicine in London. Known as a physician with light hands and precise techniques, Dr Milojević has been referred to by the British media as the “King of Botox”.

After a successful career in the UK, Dr Milojević returned to his native Zagreb in 2009 and the following year he took the state examination at the Ministry of Health that gave him permission for independent work in Croatia. In March 2011, he opened the Milojević Polyclinic in the very centre of Zagreb, thus continuing the long family tradition. Thanks to the innovative methods of rejuvenation and the state-of-the-art technology from the world of aesthetic medicine, the Milojević Polyclinic is one of the most modern anti-aging clinics in Europe today. Since the Zagreb Polyclinic is a sister institution of the Milo Clinic from London, Dr Milojević spends a week each month in the British capital to treat patients from various parts of the world.

Dr Milojević is a pioneer of cosmetic medicine in Croatia. By attending conferences and collaborating with experts from all over the world, as well as implementing new knowledge from the field of aesthetic medicine into daily practice, he actively participates in further development of this new branch of medicine. He is a member of leading medical institutions, including the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the General Medical Council. The development of medical tourism encouraged him to organise this international congress on aesthetic medicine, and his desire is to brand Croatia as a centre for aesthetic medicine.