Koenraad De Boulle


Dr. Koenraad De Boulle is a dermatologist and director of the private dermatology clinic Aalst in Aalst, Belgium. This subspecialty clinic of 6 dermatologists serves as a reference center for complex dermatology, dermatological surgical and cosmetic indications. He has also developed a special interest in diagnosing and treating complications of non-surgical procedures, on the basis of which he receives recommendations from all over the world. Dr. De Boulle has more than 25 years of experience in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, has built an international reputation and his work is used as a reference in these areas.

Dr. De Boulle has conducted numerous phase II-IV clinical studies for multiple therapeutic, dermatological, and cosmetic compounds. He has appeared as an author or co-author in more than 50 scientific papers and has often been a lecturer and trainer at national and international educational events for more than two decades. Dr. De Boulle also organizes private educational gatherings that allow aesthetic health care practitioners to improve their professional skills, providing a wider range of services to their patients with optimal aesthetic solutions.