Constantin Stan


Plastic surgeon

Constantin Stan

World renowned plastic surgeon, with over 11.000 surgeries in over 30 years of medical practice, and over 200 participations with presentations at international congresses and conferences.

He is the inventor of the Ellman MonoRF Stan Forceps, Diagon Gel4Two breast implants, the most stable prosthesis in the world, BioDynamic, the digital system for assisting and measuring the patient in breast augmentations, and the most advanced microneedling technology, Cronosderm.

He is the creator of the Multiplane operating technique for breast cosmetic surgery, published in specialized journals, as well as of the MIVAL technique, the minimally invasive surgical facelift with vertical anchoring system, using permanent threads.

He is the surgeon with the biggest experience with anatomical breast implants.

He has graduated Magna Cum Laude The Med School, in Romania, Iasi, has a master's degree in cosmetic surgery in Milan, and double specialization in both Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and ENT.

For his improvements in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Stan has been awarded by the Japanese Society of Plastic Surgery, the South American Society, but also by ISAPS and IMCAS.