Elian Brenninkmeijer


For Dr Elian Brenninkmeijer, a natural result is paramount. As an experienced dermatologist, she has an excellent knowledge of skin abnormalities and the aging process, specifically in the facial region. In addition to her daily practice, she is an international trainer and expert at Allergan for Botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers in the field of MD Codes. These MeDical (MD) codes have been developed by a Brazilian plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio and give a new revolutionary perspective on cosmetic treatments. The most important aspect is to take into account the structures and anatomy of the skin focusing on the cause of a problem and not at the result. Dr Brenninkmeijer works closely with the patient respecting their wishes and focuses on what needs to be achieved through (multiple) treatments. Her holistic approach is based on a number of important points in the face that can be strengthened. With the right information, guidance and treatment, she works toward an optimal and natural result. Dr Brenninkmeijer is not guided by trends or rumors from the media, her work is precise and refined.